The Crucible

Letters To The Editor

“Each of you should be commended on the excellent job you did in preparing, writing and producing The Crucible. Reading the many testimonials made me extremely proud of your efforts to forge ahead with this bold idea and to make it become a reality. Each story built upon the previous one and I could not put down the magazine once I started to read it. If you had this type of impact on me as an administrator, just imagine the influence you have had on your peers, university staff members and other administrators around campus.”

 – Lisa Dankovich Associate Director for External Communications April 22, 2010



“I was delighted to gather a copy of The Crucible from Gerald Yearwood. What a great job you and your staff have done on this initial publication. I trust that the professional look and layout, interesting stories and writing will continue to draw other students to participate as staff and create an eager audience that anticipates the arrival of the next issue. Many congratulations to you and your able staff. Continued success to you in the future.”

 – Bobbe Burke-Coordinator for Office of Off-Campus Affairs and Coordinator for Relations/Activities with the Miami Tribe



“I don’t know who this may reach at The Crucible but I just wanted to let you know that I loved this first publication and I can’t wait for the next one!
The articles are touching, informative, and eye opening. I didn’t quite realize the expanse of issues some students have experienced and I loved hearing
their opinions. It really opened my eyes. I absolutely loved it!

Looking forward to the next issue!”

– Sara Ledger

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