The Crucible

Letter From The Editor

The Crucible has undergone quite a transformation. We have not escaped our all encompassing, sassy and education driven roots, but we have spruced it up a bit. Using what we have to make something different and better, we pride ourselves as being a different type of publication.

As a first time Editor-in-Chief my issues have taken blood, sweat and tears, and all that I have to offer. Our wonderful staff commits themselves to making The Crucible an awesome publication. My first thank you goes out to them! I LOVE YOU.

My last heart felt thank you goes out to all the students, faculty and staff that have and continue to back-up The Crucible in a time of doubt and especially to the ones that help to make it an actual reality each and every semester again. The Crucible is becoming stronger than ever.

Now to the actual issues! 

If you’re interested in the here and now, check out the feature section where you can read about the real life issues here at Miami and in the world. Whether it be the national “Rock the Vote” or Miami’s new Armstrong Center, you will be able to find some informative stuff.

Our new money section focuses on a pertinent issue in the American economy, oh yea the Crucible can do math! Check out our own Taja Bankhead as she discusses money related issues, I mean the girl has “Bank” in her last name, she knows what she’s talking about! Some of us will be facing this economy soon, might as well brush up on it now.

If you’re anything like me then our fashion section should pull you in. The Crucible also introduces a new soon to be staple, the STYLE ROUND TABLE, where fashion is discussed more as a way of life than things you buy at the mall.

Don’t forget the need for some good old fashion unbiased advise that is rising. THE GIRL IN THE PINK HEELS fills that space. A new advice column that answers all you dirty little questions, or your not so dirty big questions. The Girl can help. Offering advice on relationships to finals freakouts, you can ask the Girl anything. Just visit her by checking out our latest issues.

As you might have noticed the Crucible offers a little bit of everything for everyone- no need to look any further for all your reading needs- not that I’m being biased or anything.

I hope you all love it as much I do!

Cindy Moore

Cindy Moore Editor-in-Chief, 2011-12, 2012-13


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