The Crucible

Girl In The Pink Heels

Fall semester 2011 we introduced a new section of The Crucible, The Girl in the Pink Heels.

Somewhat of an advice column, students are able to write into The Crucible at Students will have the ability to have questions answered on a variety of issues; relationships, sex, fashion, friends, school, etc. but please remember that this is a scholastic publication so let’s keep it rated G.

When writing in please included first names ONLY, anonymous, or you can come up with your own clever little nickname. The Girl in the Pink Heels will be comprised by mainly one girl on campus, but will also be influenced by other Crucible staff members excluding staff writers or contributors (confidentiality of the GPH). Parts of your submissions may be published, so if you do not want certain things to be public please leave them out.

Please give us as much feedback and write-ins as possible!

To give you an example, below was a question submitted Fall 2011 by a staff member:


“What happens when the male or female friend wants something more, like a sexual relationship, how does that alter the nature of the platonic friend, and does it hurt or harm the relationship?”

The Girl in the Pink Heels answer appeared in our Fall 2011 issue:

This issue comes up a lot with younger people. Friends are people that we tend to have a lot in common with so of course we would assume that we are compatible as mates, but this is not true. The problem with trying to create a sexual relationship with someone that wasn’t initially a sexual interest is that you have already put this person a certain light, and trying to caste a new light on this person will blur the entire relationship. Now of course many great relationships have spawned from friendships, but the part that all these great couples leave out is that they always saw each other as “potential.”

Now turning a friendship into a sexual relationship only occurs when the two people were “real friends,” if you know the darkest secrets of a person and the innermost parts of their prior relationships it will be hard for you to see that person as a potential mate. On the other hand if you guys are more of acquaintances than friends, seeing that person as a possibility will be no problem. Adding sex into this already complicated equation usually just equals bad math. If you are not planning on changing the friendship into a relationship then sex can equal disastrous results. First, you can never go back to that strictly platonic friendship. That’s like trying to go to math class every day, knowing you saw your math teacher naked. Can you say AWKWARD?

With whatever decisions you decide to make, remember that there are thousands of people that can become potential mates, but real friends are harder to find. Is it worth it?


Again please give us as much feedback and write-ins as possible!

Love & Fashion,

Girl in the Pink Heels 

Email at


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