The Crucible

KKK Hoax?

Twitter was abuzz this week with news that Sharmeka Moffitt’s claims of being burned alive by the Klu Klux Klan in the heat of racial poltical tension.

For those unaware, the 20 year old of Louisiana claimed on Sunday, October 21, she was drenched in gasoline and set ablaze by three white men who uttered racial slurs at her and wrote “KKK” written on her car after they spotted her wearing a T-Shirt that supported Barack Obama. Police responded to a 911 call made by Moffitt herself, though they found no sign of any suspects near the scene.

With burns on over 60 percent of her body, a team has been on the search all week for those who committed the disturbing crime against Sharmeka, but with little luck.

The small town was up in arms, and the media spotlight began to shine on the situation, when a press conference Tuesday delivered some shocking news:

Shermeka’s own fingerprints were found a cigarette lighter and can of lighter fluid that was found near the scene.

But why would the woman, who is currently in critical condition at Shreveport Hospital, fake a scenario such as that and cause her own bodily harm?

That we’ve yet to find out. Authorities aren’t commenting much on the allegations and suspicions of Moffit as her own assailant, though many have an issue with all of the drama its created.

The possibility of this all being a hoax is causing many to fear that true hate and race crimes won’t be taken seriously, and that cases will begin to get thrown to the side.

For more information on the case, check out

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