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Rock the Vote!

With all the political hubbub, lets break down some of the terminology and the processes of voting

Absentee Ballots
The course of history has said that if one wishes to vote absentee, then they must file a request to be mailed an absentee ballot. Though during this particular presidential campaign, folks have notices absentee ballots arriving in the mail that they had not requested. Some are saying this is a tactic to get people to vote via absentee, that way those votes won’t be counted. And while we aren’t taking any particular as to rather or not this is all a scheme to trash absentee votes by those who can’t make it to the polls during the workday, we’re just going to leave it at “be safe than sorry”. If you’re uneasy about that absentee ballot, then just put it aside and head out to the nearest polling location.

When Does Registration End?
• Voter Registration Form: Received on or before October 9, 2012
• Absentee Ballot Application: Received by 12:00 pm noon on November 3, 2012
• Voted Absentee Ballot: Delivered in person by the close of polls on Election Day. Postmarked on or before November 5, 2012, and received no later than 10 days after the election

Registration Location
If you registered in your hometown, then that’s where you are registered to vote. As a college student, for many of us our college location is not our hometown. Make sure you are registered to vote in the county in which your college is located! You can contact the board of elections website to re-register under a campus address. Also, many campuses have student organizations who are registering people in their college’s county so check out their tables, booths, and also posts on social media so you can do it online!

What Do I Need to Bring?
Ohio law requires that every voter to provide proof of the voter’s identity Forms of acceptable identification include a valid, photo Government Issued license or ID with current address or place of residency, a military ID, a current bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other document other than a voter registration card that shows government name. Bringing a social security card wouldn’t hurt either.
Does My Polling Location Really Matter?
YES! Make sure you carefully check your assigned polling location. If you are unable to make it to that location, make sure you arrange to change locations (Contact your county’s board of elections)

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