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Career Services 101: Make Those Moves

The campus is abuzz today with business suits and resumes fresh off the presses.

Today is the highly anticipated Career Fair. Where students look their best and strut their stuff in front of potential employers and recruits to get a job or an internship.

But for those of you who can’t attend Career Fair due to time, or feeling as though there is nothing suiting your interest, there is still a way to make those power moves!

Keep Your Resume Updated

Always having an updated resume will come in handy when jobs or opportunities for career moves open up on the fly. Don’t lose the chance at a power move just because you’re unprepared.

  • Talk to a resume expert at Career Services to keep your resume updated
  • Make sure your resume is on professional resume paper and kept in a leather folder. You can find it at the Bookstore, or maybe for cheaper at places like Wal Mart
  • Make sure only your college achievements are listed, employers aren’t interested in high school endeavors
  • A couple different versions of resumes are important to have also. Depending on what type of job you’re looking for, some resumes need to highlight certain aspects over others. Consult a resume expert for how to best format your resume

Keep a Professional Wardrobe

Being dressed for success is another important element when job/intern searching. Make sure you have quiet a few pieces of business wear or business suits available; especially if you’re having rounds of interviews, you won’t want to wear out the same dress pants and tops.

  • Make sure your suits are tailored. Bagging and sagging wear isn’t a “good look”
  • Keep jewelry simple. Flashy and gaudy and bling will be distracting to employers.
  • Keep wear conservative. Short skirts, cleavage, or muscle hugging shirts draws the wrong type of attention. Clubwear is never appropriate.
  • Colors should be very basic. Bold neons and patterns/designs aren’t workplace wear
  • Make sure clothing covers tattoos as much as possible. This is your first time with an employer and even though a lot of young people have this body art, its better to ease into revealing tattoos on places like the arms, legs, and chest
  • Search at places like K&G, Macy’s, or other department stores for

Do Your Research

If you have a company in mind as your dream job, or are preparing for an interview for a particular company/in a particular field, research it! You’ll stand out when you can comment on the companies history and ask questions. It shows you’re really interested!

  • History of company, like its origins, info about their current owner, and other important facts and dates will be impressive when you can converse with your interviewer about them, or ask questions
  • Read reviews, articles, and statistics about a firm, company, or business. That way you can see trends throughout history and comment on them
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