The Crucible

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas !

Its that time again! Love is in the air and couples are reaching into their pocket to come up with the perfect gift for their mate- the one that screams I LOVE YOU!

The Crucible is here with some timeless ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts for him and her. Whether you’re on a tight budget, or willing to break the bank, we have some great ideas for you!


Save: Make her a gift ! Be a huge handmade card, or your attempts at whipping up some sweet treats. the fact that the gift came from you (which means it came from a sincere place), will touch her heart and make her smile!

Splurge: Diamonds are a girls best friend. Tiffany & Co. has great pieces that are timeless, and some are even uner $100 !


Save:  Gag gift! Show off your humerous side, or how in tune your are with his humerous side by getting him something silly, like personalized boxers.

Splurge: You can’t ever go wrong with cologne. Chanel Bleu for him will not only be a gift he’ll love, but you’ll love it too 😉 !


Homemade Gifts:

Tiffany & Co.:

Gag Gifts:


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