The Crucible

Latin American and Caribbean Festival

Uptown Oxford was transformed into a whirlwind of colors, sights, and sounds Friday evening as the community gathered to take part in this  exciting festival. On the outdoor stage right in the heart of Uptown, young girls and boys in vivid red, blue, and orange costumes put on a show for the onlookers- displaying their talents. These talents included a young group of latino girls doing a traditional hispanic dance; upbeat and fast paced similiar to a salsa or a tango. An older Caribbean man played the drums in a fashion similiar to reggaeton, having those in the crowd swaying to the rhythm.

From evening late into the night, the Oxford community came together to celebrate the rich history and heritage that is the Latin American and Caribbean communities.  Booths that sold some of the traditional dishes in Latin American and Caribbean cultures lined the streets and filled Uptown with delicious aromas, drawing folks to try dishes they’d never had or seen before. From the roasted corn to the traditional beaded dresses for sale, the Latin American & Caribbean UniDiversity Festival had a little bit of everything for everyone. Local and University organizations also had booths and tables where the community of Oxford could learn a little more about what their causes were, and also gave opportunity for those interested to sign-up and get involved.

The festival was an event held to promote diversity and inclusion in the Oxford and Miami community. It gave the chance to learn more about the peoples and cultures that are growing in numbers all around the United States- even in Oxford and the surrounding area. The festival kicked off  a whole month of activities centered around the National Hispanic Heritage Month and gave people an opportunity to get a glimpse into the lifestyle and cultures that is not of their own.

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