The Crucible

Addicted To A Lifestyle That I Can’t Afford

By Ron Blassingame

With hip hop artist such as Wale,Big Sean, and Drake highlighting a sneaker culture that revolves around fashion and picking up the latest Air Jordan, the idea of the shoes you wear creating a definition of self has become extremely popular.

I too have become vic tim of checking release dates daily, working extra hours to support my habit, and even camping out to ensure that I will get the shoes I want hours before anyone else.

While becoming so wrapped up in this culture, I was introduced by a f r iend to one of the local sneaker boutiques that prides itself on providing the most exclusive releases for the city, and creating a comfortable environment for all to shop without having to only discuss brands and the hype behind what is soon coming out.

Located on Springfield Pike in Cincinnati, OH Corporate has been the recipient of major it y of my paychecks for the past few months. This is considered to be Cincinnati’s Premiere Sneaker boutique due to the quality of product they provide and its popularity throughout the city.

Owned by 24 year old Matt Tomamichel or MT for short; he has created success for himself by running this incredible establishment for almost three years. During this short span of time he has had the ability to bring in many famous names to make their visit to Cincinnati a memorable one.

Somed of those names include: Maybach Music Group ar tist Wale, Good Music’s Big Sean, Mac Miller, and many other famous names. He Addicted To A Lifestyle That I Can’t Afford has also had the opportunity to feature many upcoming local names as a way for them to gain hometown notoriety and popularity throughout the city. This past summer I was able to actually at tend one of the in store appearances o f u p and coming rapper Big Sean. He may be new to the industry, but has already had the opportunity to work with rap legends ranging from Common to Kanye West.

When entering the shop, you are sure to find something that you like due to the large number of brands that he carries. some of them include: Nike, Jordan, UNDFTD, 10 Deep, Play Cloths, Stussy and many other brands that go hand in hand with this sneaker culture.

He also carries women’s brands which adds to the diversity of his shop. I am confident that both men and women will have a great time finding something that attracts them in the store.

Corporate also does midnight releases on many of his more exclusive drops which allows you to both get your shoe before anyone else and allows younot to have to get up at 6am to drive to Footlocker.

Giving locals the opportunity to attend in-store appearances, Corporate gives the consumer the chance to meet some of the artist that are also avid consumers of sneakers and urban fashion. Corporate of fers clothes, sneakers, the oppor tunity to meet celebrities, and programs giving back to the community; it is easy to see that Matt prides himself on providing what the people want. I think that if interested in this lifestyle Corporate will be able to offer all of the products and services you look for along.

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