The Crucible

The Age of the Maneater

By: Rashay Davis

Today’s society has become all about equal rights and knocking down double standards. In this steady evolving generation a new figure has arose. The Maneater or female equivalent of a male player, has taken the dating scene by storm and she’s doing it all in heels. This irresistible vixen metaphorically chews up her male counterparts and spits them out after she uses them for whatever she wants to gain. This gain may be sexual, financial or even psychological. Over time the way women have interacted with men has changed drastically. Women have become more aggressive and have decided to take what they want instead of waiting to be chosen.

As I delved into the idea of a female player I asked myself whether this is a step forward for women in their movement toward independence or if it is it just an excuse or even justification for women to be promiscuous, manipulative gold- diggers. When questioning my fellow Miami students about this, I discovered that a great deal of them felt that the term Maneater fell into both categories. Some felt that it was a display of independence because it showed men that women don’t have to sit back and be played by them, but rather can participate in the game and play it better than their male counterpart. On the other side of the spectrum, people believed that being a Maneater or female player gave women a bad name because women claim these titles while they are doing deeds that are looked down upon in today’s society.

Another question  I posed was why women would prefer to be single Maneaters as opposed to being committed girlfriends? The responses I received were pretty concise with the notion that these women are afraid of commitment or have been hurt by a men so muchto the point where being monogamous is no longer appealing. Where are the guys in all of this? Well there are some who are too chauvinistic to acknowledge these women as true threats because they feel like playing the field is a man’s game and women can’t thrive in it. While there are others who acknowledge the fact those women can play males and expose them to the feelings of rejection and sadness that all too many women know so well. The ones who accept the Maneater role as a prominent figure in today’s dating world realize that they might just have to change up there approach because some of these women play the game better than they ever could,due to their strategic and charismatic ways and recognize the Maneater is a force to be reckoned with.

These women are now turning these males into nothing more than a bankroll and arm candy. They are no longer searching for Mr. Right, but Mr. Right Now. With so many men who are already against commitment and the women following suit, relationships seem like a thing of the past. There is no way to tell if the Maneater will ever be acceptable in today’s society due to the number of people bashing her equaling out to the number of people praising her. Men better look out because the Maneater has came to play in heels, make-up and all; and she doesn’t look like she’s going to throw in the towel anytime soon, no matter what others think of her.

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