The Crucible

MU Students for Life

By Rachel Barga

MU Students for Life seeks to promote life-affirming decisions, in order to protect our nation’s most vulnerable people; therefore, we oppose not only abortion, but also euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, and embryonic stem cell research.  In terms of abortion, we strongly agree with Feminists for Life of America’s declaration that “women deserve better than abortion.”  Science has known for a long time – without a shade of doubt – that human life begins at the moment of fertilization.  Consequently, every single abortion decision ends the life of a human being and victimizes his or her mother.  The 50 million lives lost since Roe vs. Wade is a staggering casualty and a glaring crime against women.  We stand against the nation’s “choice” to draw arbitrary parameters of personhood and irresponsibly dismiss basic biological knowledge.  Sometimes we women feel that abortion is our only solution.  We also have been told that to be independent and equal to men, we must have the right to choose abortion.  This is where our society has made a grave mistake.  To look a strong woman in the eye and say, “the best help I can offer your difficult pregnancy is a dead child,” is false charity.  To look a strong woman in the eye and say, “to be independent and successful, you may have to choose a dead child,” is false freedom.

Tragically, human life is not only being assaulted in the womb.  MUSFL holds that the right to life is fundamental to all other human rights; therefore, we aim to protect life from the moment of fertilization until the moment of natural death.  We do this first by educating ourselves about the four aforementioned issues that concern us, approaching all topics in a nonpartisan and nonsectarian manner.  It is then crucial to educate campus through awareness activities and lectures.  Last year we set up a “Field of Flags” – 3600 pink and blue flags by slant walk, each representing a life lost to abortion every day in America.  Our “Abortion Breaks Tiny Hearts” campaign spanned the entire year; it was a project in which we periodically posted fliers and bed sheets with fetal development information from day 1 to birth.  To help make pregnancy a viable option for women, we held a diaper drive at Kroger in the fall and donated the collected diapers to a crisis pregnancy center.  We plan to have another diaper drive this year, and we are pursuing other service avenues by volunteering at The Knolls of Oxford.  Some of the campus speakers we have hosted are Sally Winn, former vice president of Feminists for Life of America; Arnold Culbreath from Protecting Black Life; and Wesley J. Smith, a bioethicist and journalist.  This year we hope to bring Dr. Lanfranchi to talk about the abortion-breast cancer link and Bobby Schindler to talk about his sister, Terri Schiavo.  Ultimately, we want campus to know that every single human being, regardless of age or ability, is valuable and deserving of life.

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