The Crucible

In Defense of Diversity and Inclusion

A Statement from the Fine Arts Editor

By Ryanaustin Dennis

The interplay of race, class, and gender is important and is a vital part of who I am as writer and as an artist. To write is to come from a material and historical circumstance. From this foundation the idea of creating an objective and detached arena of artistic work is not only a myth but a structural lie that has helped to maintain a Patriarchal  literary and artistic canon. Those not within this canon are labeled deviant and are put into bastardized multicultural camps where they compete for affirmation into the “mainstream” academic, artistic, and literary discourse. I despise this exclusionary practice which is both Eurocentric and dismissive of diversity. For the sake of “quality,” the established canon devalues the voices of Women, African-Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, Asians, Queers, and I would even say Whites. I would also like to note, that the terms themselves subsume the astounding diversity within those groups. My objective as the one of the Fine Arts Editors it to make sure that the artistic works published in The Crucible counter act and provide an alternative to the problem at hand. As an Editor I would hope that the works seen in this publication show the places where race, gender, and class intersect.

This statement could be easily stamped as a multicultural diatribe, but to say that is to deny the legitimacy of my claims for greater cultural inclusion at Miami University. As an Editor my goal is to bring in multiple voices all of which are dynamic and important. As students we must support and help foster dialogue that reaches out to understand instead of an uneasy tolerance that breeds oppression. The work seen in this magazine should politicize, educate, and evoke thought into how we view each other. It is by listening to the many individual voices that we may gain a collective knowledge of how to deal with the numerous issues of social and cultural misunderstanding at Miami University.

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