The Crucible

The crimes of female predators

By Julianna Roche

It started out as an average night for Miami senior Tyler*, who was drinking with his buddies Uptown at Stadium, when he saw former high school classmate Rebecca approach him. Though he always felt Rebecca had been a little too forward and flirtatious in the past, he thought maybe things had changed.

It seemed like they had, but after they kissed while dancing, Tyler realized his mistake and headed back to the bar. At this point, Rebecca followed him, nagging him “to dance with her more” and “go back to her room.” After he said no, she seemed to get the picture, but the same thing happened the next weekend at Brick Street.

This time, Tyler encountered Rebecca as he was leaving the bar with friends. Again, she insisted on him walking her back to her room, although she only lived a few blocks away. According to Tyler, despite his consistent refusals, Rebecca wouldn’t leave him alone. Finally, he sprinted away from Brick Street and his friends to separate himself from the situation.

“After that, she called me at least ten times in a row and when the phone wouldn’t stop ringing, I finally picked up and told her I was already back at my house, but then she insisted on coming over even after I told her not to,” Tyler recalls.

As Tyler was getting ready for bed, he heard a car pull into his driveway and recognized Rebecca in the driver’s seat.

“I immediately locked my door and turned out the lights, but minutes later she’s outside my bedroom banging on the door, screaming my name. I thought she was going to break it down,” he says.

Eventually, the loud noises woke up Tyler’s roommate, who proceeded to tell Rebecca she needed to leave, which she finally did.

According to Miami University Police Department’s Lt. Ben Spilman, situations like Tyler’s happen often; many are just go unreported.

“It’s not uncommon for these types of cases to happen,” Spilman says. “A lot of times they don’t rise to the level of criminal offenses…It’s more likely females that report these types of cases. I think guys feel there are social issues if they report it.”

Tyler agrees with Spilman that he could have been sterner with Rebecca. However, he also admits that he probably wouldn’t have reported it.

“It was a weird situation, but unless she threatened my life, I wouldn’t report it,” Tyler says. “Really, for me a female predator to me is a girl who won’t back off, who interferes with your personal and social life, who comes over unannounced and uninvited and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

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