The Crucible

Sext Between the Lines

By Patricia N. Jjemba

i miss u. ttyl mwah ; ) u & me= ❤ Srsly, U R gettin annoying, c u L8r…

Relationships have taken a turn… a turn for the phone zone that is. The age of face-to-face conversation is a thing of the past.

And I think it’s safe to say that cyber-lovin’ has taken over our generation with a vengeance, but at what expense?

          It has become all too common for a majority of relationships to start, end and even take on hard times through our mobile devices.

At what point did the indicator for good communication become whether or not you get a ‘Good Morning’ text? Or effective foreplay come in the form of a smiley face or wink?

Do we even see our significant others any more? That is, not including iphone video chats.

          The reality is, the majority of us have in fact become all too attached to our mobile and technological devices; but have lost our human instinct to interact in the process.

And although we can partially blame it on our hectic schedules, I question whether or not our generation even has the desire to connect on a person-to-person level any more.

Quite frankly, it’s hard to look someone in the eye and gush out your thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

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